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Biyografi Mwen

by Wanito

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Gad On'Rev (free) 04:15
Gad On’Rev (Keep it in your dreams) 1 Non non , non non non ye… non non Merchant, how much does a crib cost I’m going to be a father real soon This news made my blood pressure rise: I don’t even have a job, This is so tough ooo I just took my high school final exams Now all my plans have fallen in the water Soon my woman will be laying on her back Oh I’ll have to rethink things I don’t know what I’ll tell my mom, She’ll think I’m a thug That I spent all my time with the ladies She won’t be scared to break my teeth and she’ll kick me out I don’t even need to waste my time asking Refrain: All my friends are here I see them all here, they’re all candidates [repeat] Wanito I want to be the godfather Please please please let me be the godfather Wanito I want to be the godmother Please please please let me be the godmother 2 I go to Aunt Locita’s house She lives in Delma 33 When I tell her what happened, she gets so angry She says if I got a woman pregnant, then I must have my life in order I run across the street I just feel so upside down Cars are honking at me but I don’t pay attention I’m thinking about the baby I find out her mother kicked her out too I go with her to the countryside to find a better life When I get there they give me a machete A bed with four stakes, a one-room house with no windows My girl starts crying She watches me taking care of the garden, planting corn The sun is hot and my body hurts Ants bite me, I have no friends to help me That’s when she tells me she has labor pains She lays down on her bed of leaves, that’s where she’ll have the baby I put my hands to my head and start yelling That’s when I woke up - I had been sleeping Keep this in your dreams, young men This was a nightmare, young men When I woke up I was delivered young men, young men There are so many men who would have been happy, young men If it was really just a dream for them, young men Remember this epitome of a nightmare, young men, young men, young men Refrain 3 Thanks to God this didn’t really happen I’m not ready to have a child yet, you hear Someday when I have money I won’t be afraid to have a beautiful child, you hear I won’t have a hot head Instead, I’ll be celebrating, and all my friends are invited And then you can pull me to the side and say: When is he going to be baptized, this godchild is mine.
Yon Jou La Jou (One Day It’ll Be Your Day) 1 A donkey struggling under a yolk That’s trying to climb a hill under the pressure of big blows Others that don’t like him don’t stop pointing fingers They say it was him who ate the garden of Mr. Ti Kwet All the bad things they put on his back in packs His own brothers who share the same blood with him are betraying him Refrain: Haiti even though you’re getting old, you’re still in a crib You find jokes to laugh at, but your eyes are always full of tears They’re making you crawl up Kilamanjaro backwards A mountain that is so high ooo I believe this will change, I’m getting ready I said I’m getting ready, who else wants to get ready? 2 It’s they who don’t stop eating secretly When your neck is long and boney, They curse you as worthless and dirty They ask on your behalf, but you will never get any of the treats Why are these people playing exploiting games Each time you give your heart away, you regret it afterward In reality, this never should have happened Guitar Solo 3 One day it will be your day, and it will not be like other days I want to tell you, little dear You’ll have to search to find suffering In every bamboo hole, like crazy people with candles, you will be singing everywhere Haiti all your ways will be sweet like « rapadou » Tasty like « ragou », they will all want to taste you Those who were kicking you away, putting their feet on you, Will flirt with you, bringing flowers to you Refrain 4 One day it will be your day, They will serve you at the table just like part of the family too They’ll show you to the water so you can quench your thirst One day it will be your day Where other nations will try to learn to speak Creole too Every Haitian will find it good to defend you Haiti dear, God has a lot of plans for you He sees your suffering Refrain
Biyografi Mwen (My Biography) 1 But why, why does everybody want to know Where I’m from, my biography We don’t need to go through four different roads But I’m on this track that you all will know I was born in Jeremy in the countryside I don’t carry my father’s last name, I’m an illegitimate child My mother’s poor, but I don’t need to watch over myself I walk at all hours because I know God is stronger It’s true in school I was never the best But even with mediocre grades, I will make it to the top Thank God, I finished all my classes in high school Big colleges, lots of money, I couldn’t attend I want you to understand this, I want you to understand this With my guitar I can make the entire world understand this I want you to understand this, I want you to understand this With my guitar I can make the entire world understand this Refrain: This is Wanito uh huh, uh huh My biography [repeat] 2 But why, why does everyone want to know Where I’m from, my biography They ‘re asking me questions, want to know my past Experiences that mark my life I was born in Jeremy, in the countryside I don’t carry my father’s last name, I’m an illegitimate child My mother is poor, but I don’t need to watch myself I walk at all hours because I know God is stronger ‘88 is the year I was born, you hear? I wasn’t even a month old yet, my mother weaned me off her, you hear? She had a place that she was working If she didn’t do the job, she’d be fired She always left me with neighbors And sometimes when she was in a rush she’d leave me at home alone She didn’t have a way to pay for a nanny This is why I roamed all over the town 3 Started to grow up, sent me to school at Madame LouLou’s The lady who used to come pick me up, poor her, she couldn’t speak or hear My hair would grow long, mother got her scissors to cut it She gave me crooked parts, she didn’t let anyone tell her her business She gave me principles, and when I didn’t apply them, she punished me She taught me what tasted good, When she had money she’d make good food for me I had a friend who had a guitar, I was always at his house I sang morning, noon, and night, until I got to where I am, you hear? Refrain Damn damn damn damn I broke this one I play at all the parties, I break them In review courses in the Petionville high school, I open the music sheets The way I play, the way I drop it, If you’re around, you can’t resist moving…
San Doudou 03:25
San Doudou (Without Doudou) 1 It always pleased me When you would make sacrifices for me, Every day you left your house to come to me This proved to me that our love would never end We were always in love We didn’t give bad grass a chance to grow in our garden of love I never stopped saying it We were the most beautiful couple that existed in Petionville Refrain: Your name was Kasandra, I gave you the nickname Sandoudou Wherever you went my feet were always next to yours Just like a cloud that never left me I was your guardian angel doudoudou Oh, my name is Wanito, you gave me the nickname Watoto You never walked barefoot, You always wanted me to carry you on my back It was all my pleasure to be your horse on two feet Zigidap zagidap you’re on my back And with the end of your dress, you wipe the sweat off my back 2 In Boyer Square one day we were sitting, your arm around my neck You told me « sweetie, nothing wrong can ever come from you» I responded in a low voice « don’t dare tell me that. For how we’re so in love, I’m not worried about anything » Sometimes I forget myself so that I can watch out for you Like a little bird I wanted to make a nest in my heart for you So nothing bad would happen to you But the angel of death appeared suddenly and took you away oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oooooooo Mister Death you betrayed me oh oh oh o oh Veins of despair stretched out, about to explode On the chalkboard all my plans, my projects erased This is a story of love that I’ll never be able to forget This is a story of love that I’ll never be able to forget Refrain You always told me That it was only death could part us My soul isn’t at rest The way you left, honestly, I’m panicked Even if it was true that you made me this promise It’s too soon for you to leave like this Sandoudou, believe me, I’m about to go crazy I’ve lost strength, I’m disinterested, My appetite is lost, I’m always tired I often ask myself if I’ll be fixed one day I’ve lost strength, I’m disinterested, My appetite is lost, I’m always tired The only thing I have to ask is “this woman, why did I lose her?” Uhhuhhh uuhhhuhh uhhhhuhh Baby why did you turn your back on me?
Do Re Mi 03:52
Do Re Mi Refrain: My Do Re Mi can travel (I want you to know this my friends) My Do Re Mi can travel (Anywhere it wants to, you hear) My Do Re Mi can travel In all countries, not only Haiti, okay My sound is so hot As soon as I drop it They want to give me a trophy My Do Re Mi can travel In all countries, not only Haiti okay My sound is so hot As soon as I drop it They want to give me a… 1 Ever since I knew I had the vibe of the streets With music I know I’ll have Paris I may not know all the secrets of life But I have the Do Re Mi Fa So La Si You don’t need a plug to activate me They say your music touches my sensitive points But that’s a passion in my blood They will never be able to get it out of me I always take my time in my music so that I can appreciate it When my day arrives it’s my brothers and God who I will thank The music I write it can caress anyone’s ears As soon as I drop it you’ll feel like you like it all your life Do Re Mi Fa So La Si brought me here I play to please everybody You can say I’m crazy Do Re Mi Fa So La Si brought me here I play to please everybody You can say I’m crazy Refrain 2 Each time they see me in the streets I’m singing they say I’m crazy Sometimes they even approach me They test me and they’re shocked Like a friend My music has a brain I’m sorry my friend I’ll stay a little crazy Ting ting I’m ringing in your ears bling bling With music I’ll become mindless When I take the “do” and I lean it on the “re” Mr. “Mi” approaches me and lets me know he can’t not be there When I take the “so” and put it in the fight He lets me know he won’t leave without Mr. “Fa” If it’s true- if he can’t not be there If it’s true- it’s the seventh note If it’s true oh ou oh oh ou oh ou oh [repeat] Refrain Repeat Verse 2
Pa Kont Mwen 04:31
Pa Kont Mwen (Don’t Be Against Me) Refrain: Don’t be against me If I go and I truly don’t return Or if I do come back and truly don’t bring anything If you see I always truly hold my tongue My friend – you shouldn’t be against me If you see that I truly always control myself I follow the plan that my heart has truly traced out for me I’m playing my music to truly make a career My friend- you shouldn’t be against me 1 If I never let you know my weaknesses It’s so that you don’t destroy me You could increase my stress, even destroy my life If I chose to avoid a man, that doesn’t mean he’s stronger Neither, if I help a blind person, does that mean I’m weaker Know that the strong side has weaknesses, And even the weak side has strengths Don’t ever profit from someone’s weakness to do him wrong Rather you should support him when he’s fragile and help him get better Then you’ll see how strengths and weaknesses have no better accord Don’t be against me if I don’t agree with you on a point If you take a route and see I’m not walking behind you Try to find ways to push these things out of your heart If I don’t reciprocate, that doesn’t mean I’m scared of you Don’t be against me if someone has a place in my life Don’t be against me if I’m never underestimated, it’s not my fault Don’t be against me, my liberty is all that I want Don’t be against me , If I tell you not to be against me Know that you shouldn’t be against me Refrain 2 If early in the morning, through the morning dew I’m leaving Don’t think I’m crazy for how sleep is so sweet, I could have stayed in bed There are some steps I want to ascend in the staircase of life I have to face the disagreeable parts of life I won’t be against you if you treat me like I’m nothing more than the waves of the ocean Don’t be against be if I tell you that I might make it early I won’t be against you in whatever you decide to believe, my friend Don’t be against me when I tell you it’s in God only that I believe Yes, who knows me better than myself?
Blokis 04:11
Blokis (Traffic Jam) Everyone knows how it is in Haiti Traffic can make you seriously miss an appointment You’re in a car, it’s like you’re walking Your blood pressure is rising, you’re close to exploding You try to squeeze through, but there’s no space so you have to stop If the sun is hot, I won’t lie to you, your sweat will drip You’re lying, saying you’re not too far away, be a little patient On the phone, people can’t find you The line is moving, that’s when you start to feel better It stops again, you want to fight the driver He turns the car off because the gas is burning He doesn’t have wings in the car to make it fly Refrain: Oh my, oh my I’m stuck in traffic Haiti is a little country of traffic Oh my, oh my I’m stuck in traffic Haiti is a little country of traffic Traffic, I’m stuck in traffic Traffic, look at how long this traffic is [repeat] 2 You ask the driver why he won’t take a short cut This lady says it won’t be good, let’s go One person arrives at his stop, he says thanks, you feel annoyed He takes a bunch of time paying hi fare By the time he gets off, the red light flashes again It’s another involuntary pause, he has to stop You think, this time I’m just going to walk But it’s not easy, the route is long, it’s a lot of walking The driver who’s bringing you also wants to get out of traffic His work day is at risk of being wasted At the wheel, hot sun, nothing getting done Getting mad over rude passengers Refrain 3 Traffic- for a little election result Traffic- each time we’re in line at the immigration office Traffic- can’t even talk about at the bank Traffic- each time the ‘Whites’ are giving out food Traffic- in every government and private office Traffic- they make you stop until you’re tired Traffic- in shopping, bending over to find things Traffic- even in front of the pastries seller …
Aprann Konnen (To Learn How to Know) 1 You have to live in misery to talk about misery When I tell you that I’m hungry, you know what that feels like You have to live in wealth to talk about wealth Or else any little bit of money could shock you You have to live in love to know what love is When you see me on my knees, don’t run and say that I’m crazy No, I’m not crazy… No, I’m not crazy You could say I’m crazy , no I’m not crazy, no I’m not crazy 2 You have to live together as an unmarried couple to know the details of the home If the person sometimes flies into a rage, you’ll avoid marriage You have to be a pest to live with a person who’s a pest They have so many flaws, this punishment can tangle your hair You shouldn’t look at this brother’s hair And go and say he’s a good rasta a a a a He might not be a rasta, not a rasta Saying he’s a rasta, he might not be a rasta, not a rasta Refrain: You have to understand Don’t ever say you won’t learn If it’s not your head you have to cut cut cut cut To put in it, to put in it, to put in it 3 You have to live in the ghetto to know the lives of guys in the ghetto The reality of their life is not the same as the people up above And there is no water that can give them stomach aches Two days without food won’t mess up their insides They’re not going to the club, they’re not into fun The DJ plays, but they’re going to a very different party instead Ghetto guys, ghetto guys Respect to them, ghetto guys, ghetto guys 4 You have to live in debauchery to have a hole in your pocket Waking up the next morning with your shoes on the wrong feet You’ve decided to waste your life So discouraged, you want to leave school It’s bad experiences that can give your life some sense You have to live with hope – this life is a game of patience Game of patience, game of patience [repeat] Refrain
Disparisyon 04:18
Disparisyon (Disappearance) I write my problems on a piece of paper and I put it in an envelope I bury them baby, I bury them baby After the catastrophe had passed the first person that I had thought of It was you, baby, It was you. And that was how I tried to call you I have to tell you how I panicked when I couldn’t find you That’s how, barefoot, I took to the streets Just with a pair of pants on, without a destination Refrain: I went, I went, passed through Channmas Friends calling Wanito, Wanito, I didn’t hear I went, I went, time slipped by Nothing could stop me, because I was so panicked When I had my sanity back, I remembered that you could be at school That’s where I had to go, that’s where you were supposed to be But when I got there I saw your university had been destroyed All the floors met - that’s when I panicked I said, God, I don’t see the possibility I don’t believe that if you were in there that there’d be a way for you to be saved My brain wandering, I had another idea Let me go to your house to take a look Refrain Emotions made me ask a little woman a question without hesitation I asked her for you, she said Leave me alone young man, even my own kids I haven’t seen young man That’s when I screamed “oh god”, I screamed “oh god” Do you think I could have lost my girl? No no no no no no It’s not forever finished, she is not entirely destroyed In my spirit that’s what came. I have to see you baby When I remember my promises to you, I won’t ever get lazy, let yourself out of my mind In the same things that they got mixed up in In my heart there’s a part that’s messed up Got to your house, it’s tears, because it’s only you that wasn’t there What’s worse, you think you’d be dead? I’d see that as the worst. For my spirit not to have found a remedy I asked for you, I couldn’t find anyone who could help. Oh damn Emotions made me ask a little woman a question without hesitation I asked her for you, she said Leave me alone young man, even my own kids I haven’t seen young man That’s when I screamed “anmwe”, I screamed “anmwe” Do you think I could have lost this woman? No no no no no no Even now I’m always tormented Because of an earthquake you disappeared, I don’t see how If you left for another country baby, let me know that you’re not dead no no no
Ti Miyo 05:05
Ti Miyo (Little Miyo) Little Miyo feels discouraged, every day in his life is a problem The way he lives, honestly, it touches my heart A guy who left the province who came to Port au Prince, he thought he ‘d be a little prince He stayed at his family’s house and they welcomed him He thought things would be easy He was admitted into the university, he attended Inaghei He passed without difficulty, his future was on a well-prepared route He never forgot, where he came from, The tree leaves he had to water, at dawn he had to get up His animals he had to be tended to before sunset Pass by my grandma Dede’s to get some dinner - he never forgot 2 This life is so strange, it’s like a soccer team but it sometimes makes you shoot a goal against your own side He found all he wanted, life didn’t tell him to be anybody People in the province never heard from him Imagine - he was in a place where he didn’t have to spend, people were always taking care of him Two months yes, but two months didn’t even pass yet And the welcome started to change They were treating him poorly, they were tired They already want him to leave Poor little Miyo, he fell into trouble Even for a little drop of water he drank, it was a big burden Everything that’s bad they blamed it on him Finally, he wanted to return home, back to where he’s from Ignored his studies, which was his future, the hope of his mother


released November 22, 2011

Vocals & Guitar - Wanito
Drums & Percussion - Nathan Sabanayagam
Bass - Nate Edgar
Keyboards - Yusaku Yoshimura
Guest Guitar - Will Holland
Guest Keyboards - Sarah Brindell
Guest Percussion - Alex Beram

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Chillhouse studios, 2011. Mixed by Will Holland, mastered by Eric Welsh.

Executive Producer: PeaceTones®
Producers: Nathan Sabanayagam& Will Holland

Executive Funders: Aresty International, Demetrios Eleftheriou & Lee Droese


all rights reserved



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